Press Release: Court Reporting Firm Depo International now providing help with marked exhibits

This press release originally appeared here[1].

Any attorney involved in depositions understands the value of being able to work with professional services to keep things organized. In many cases, court reporting[2] firms are stepping forward to provide access to this information by expanding their services beyond court reporting[3] help alone. That’s the case for Depo International, a leading court reporting[4] firm with offices in Minneapolis[5], Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Depo International already provides a broad range of court reporting[6] assistance but is now expanding their services to help with marking exhibits. Depositions, often a very important aspect of any legal case with regard to developing strategy and recording initial information from key witnesses and stakeholders, require the assistance of a trained court reporter to help capture information accurately as it happens. Often times, evidence that will ultimately be given during the course of the case comes in the form of marked exhibits that witnesses may need to refer to.

Depo International is now working with two sources for help with marking exhibits, allowing attorneys to keep track of relevant notes as depositions unfold. This information can be helpful for keeping track during the deposition as well as afterwards when it’s time to prepare for the trial.

Depo International uses Exhibio and Live Litigation. Exhibio is used for physically signing the exhibits, but Live Litigation is the software used for court reporting[7]. In addition to real-time court reporting[8], Depo International offers help with legal videography[9], remote depositions, exhibit help, interpreters, and trial consulting[10]. Making use of the best technology the industry has to offer, Depo International strives to empower attorneys with an easy and accurate way to schedule their depositions and make use of the services provided by trained court reporters. The company has developed a reputation near each of their offices for a commitment to quality court reporting[11] and related services that make it easier for law firms and attorneys to do their job. For more than 40 years, they have worked with court reporting[12] and their staff maintains a commitment to excellence in each case.

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