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    Innovative and sustainable: PERI assists with the construction of the office complex GIOIA 22, Milan

    GIOIA 22

    GIOIA 22 is setting new benchmarks in terms of sustainability: the 120 m tall tower at the heart of the Porta Nuova district will cover 65 percent of its annual energy requirements using renewable energy sources. The 30 storey tall building will provide enough space for approximately 2,700 people, 350 parking spaces and 13 lifts. PERI provided support during the construction process of this inventive project using a combination of tailor-made formwork and climbing solutions.

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    Groundbreaking innovation for slab formwork procedures

    Innovative large panel slab formwork improves degree of safety and economic efficiency

    The safety requirements imposed on slab-forming procedures are becoming an increasingly significant issue. At formwork and scaffolding manufacturer PERI, ensuring safety during day-to-day work is priority number 1. PERI has unveiled the future-proof large panel formwork system SKYMAX, a groundbreaking innovation for formwork systems. Not only does the innovative principle significantly increase safety levels for users, it also improves the degree of economic efficiency.

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