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    Première of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork at the construction of Pasteurs Tower in Copenhagen

    Pasteurs Tower, Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark

    In Carlsberg City, a district in the heart of Copenhagen, a completely new neighbourhood is being built. Several high-rise buildings are currently under construction there, and Pasteurs Tower will be the highest residential building in Copenhagen upon completion. Flats will be built on 33 of the 37 floors, and commercial enterprises will be located on four floors. PERI supported the project with a variety of formwork solutions. The special highlight: The first use of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork.

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    PERI builds the first 3D-printed apartment building in Germany

    The largest printed apartment building in Europe is proof that 3D construction printing is also suitable for the construction of large dwell

    PERI GmbH has set about printing another residential building using a 3D construction printer, this time in Wallenhausen, Bavaria. At the end of September 2020, the family-owned company announced that work had begun on Germany’s first printed residential house in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. Only two months later, work has begun on the next residential building to make use of 3D construction printing technology. Upon completion, the 5-in-a-block apartment building with around 380 square metres of living space will be the largest printed residential building in Europe. On this project, the printing process is expected to take six weeks.

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    PERI Architectural Concrete Project “The REACH” wins ACI Overall Excellence Award

    The REACH/Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C., USA

    The building extension at the imposing Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is commonly known as “The REACH”. It comprises three interconnected pavilions that stand out due to their exceptional architectural design and architectural concrete of the highest quality. The larger-than-life project won the American Concrete Institute’s Overall Excellence Award in October 2020 and is thus recognised as a project that unites particularly creative techniques with innovative technologies. For this special construction project, PERI developed a formwork concept that combined tried-and-tested standard systems with project-specific solutions. 

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    PERI builds the first 3D-printed residential building in Germany

    3D construction printing technology for residential construction is now market-ready

    PERI GmbH is building Germany’s first 3D-printed residential building in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. The two-storey detached house with approx. 80 sqm of living space per floor is not being constructed in the conventional manner, it is being printed by a 3D construction printer.

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    Project-specific solutions using unique combination of formwork and scaffold systems

    TrIIIple, Vienna, Austria

    Thanks to a competent support service and well-thought-out system utilisation, PERI is successfully constructing the complex building geometry of the three TrIIIPle residential towers on the Danube Canal in Vienna, which is subject to stringent requirements. Safe working processes, optimised construction site logistics and cost-effective solutions see demanding building schedule adhered to.

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    PERI sells first 3D construction printer

    The consistent development work of recent years is paying off

    • Röser GmbH opts for 3D construction printer from PERI
    • Successful conclusion to resolute development work of the past few years
    • Printing technology shows huge potential for a wide range of construction applications
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    Keeping an eye on everything: a new control tower for Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Airport

    Air traffic control tower, Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Airport

    With a total surface area of around 7,000 m², a height of 108.40 m and a 360° field of vision over the airport complex, the new air traffic control tower at Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Airport provides the basis for optimised visual monitoring and control of air traffic. PERI assisted with the complex construction work by providing tailor-made special-purpose formwork, closely coordinated formwork and scaffolding solutions, and much more.

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    Reconstruction of the “Terfener Innbrücke” bridge on the A12 motorway in Austria’s Inntal valley

    Terfener Innbrücke

    The Terfener Innbrücke reconstruction project on the A12 motorway in the Inntal valley is one of largest bridge construction projects currently being carried out in the west of Austria. With PERI by their side, the client has been successful in implementing the project according to the demanding construction schedule since construction began in 2018. In addition to providing comprehensive planning services and on-site support during the project, PERI has also made use of the VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage for the first time in Central Europe.

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    Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC): PERI assists with the construction of Asia’s largest underground station

    Mumbai Metro – Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) station

    The Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is an underground station on the Mumbai Metro, a rapid transit system that is currently under construction. The rapid transit system in the Indian metropolis will serve the city of Mumbai itself as well as its entire metropolitan area in the federal state of Maharashtra. By supplying comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solutions, PERI has been providing assistance since construction began on the major project in April 2019 so that the BKC can be completed within the demanding construction time-scale of only 14 months.

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    New platform for the Mexican oil and gas field Ku-Maloob-Zaap

    Gas compressor platform CA-KU-A1

    The oil and gas field Ku-Maloob-Zaap (KMZ), which covers a total area of around 121 km², is situated in the bay of Campeche, 105 km north-east of the city of Ciudad del Carmen. In 2019, a new gas compressor platform named CA-KU-A1 was added to the oil and gas production complex that is located there. To carry out the time-critical construction project, PERI provided flexible scaffolding solutions and comprehensive on-site support. 

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    Innovative and sustainable: PERI assists with the construction of the office complex GIOIA 22, Milan

    GIOIA 22

    GIOIA 22 is setting new benchmarks in terms of sustainability: the 120 m tall tower at the heart of the Porta Nuova district will cover 65 percent of its annual energy requirements using renewable energy sources. The 30 storey tall building will provide enough space for approximately 2,700 people, 350 parking spaces and 13 lifts. PERI provided support during the construction process of this inventive project using a combination of tailor-made formwork and climbing solutions.

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