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    Première of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork at the construction of Pasteurs Tower in Copenhagen

    Pasteurs Tower, Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark

    In Carlsberg City, a district in the heart of Copenhagen, a completely new neighbourhood is being built. Several high-rise buildings are currently under construction there, and Pasteurs Tower will be the highest residential building in Copenhagen upon completion. Flats will be built on 33 of the 37 floors, and commercial enterprises will be located on four floors. PERI supported the project with a variety of formwork solutions. The special highlight: The first use of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork.

  • Press Release

    PERI builds the first 3D-printed apartment building in Germany

    The largest printed apartment building in Europe is proof that 3D construction printing is also suitable for the construction of large dwell

    PERI GmbH has set about printing another residential building using a 3D construction printer, this time in Wallenhausen, Bavaria. At the end of September 2020, the family-owned company announced that work had begun on Germany’s first printed residential house in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. Only two months later, work has begun on the next residential building to make use of 3D construction printing technology. Upon completion, the 5-in-a-block apartment building with around 380 square metres of living space will be the largest printed residential building in Europe. On this project, the printing process is expected to take six weeks.

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